Stars of PR Awards

Recognizing extraordinary individual and agency contributions to PR and communications over the past year.

The 2018 Bulldog Stars of PR Awards will open for entries in August

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Judging criteria

Agencies will be judged on four attributes and submissions backed by quantitative data and measurable results are preferred (Maximum score = 40):

  1. Firm Positioning
  2. Client Growth & Retention
  3. Work Environment
  4. Results Achieved

For all Agency award submissions, we require certification of the revenue information.

Individuals will be judged on four attributes (Maximum score = 40):

  1. Professional Leadership and Contribution
  2. Breakthrough Communications Approaches
  3. Demonstration of Integrity
  4. Results Achieved

More information on each criterion is available here.


Each award entry is $450 ($300 for each additional category entered with the same submission). You can pay whenever you want and go back in to edit and polish your entry as much as you want until entries close on September 15 at noon EST.

Final entry deadline is September 15 (noon EST) and entries submitted can no longer be edited.

Unlike previous years, this deadline WILL NOT be extended so make sure you get your entries in on time. We will accept late entries until September 22 but an additional $100 late fee will apply for each entry and you won’t be able to edit once it is submitted.

Agency Categories

The categories listed below are specific to agency or corporate communications. Share the successes you’ve celebrated over the last year including firm positioning, account retention rates, work environment, growth and new business development, how you may have improved society and the results you’ve achieved for your clients.

Grand Prize – Best PR Agency of 2017[ Details ]

Recognizes the top PR agency based on results achieved for clients. You must win in at least two agency categories to be considered for the grand prize.

Best New Agency[ Details ]

If you’re an agency that has launched within the last 5 years, this is the category for you.

Best Sole Practitioner[ Details ]

This category is for a public relations professional who practices in his or her own firm without a partner or shareholder.

Best Boutique Agency[ Details ]

For agencies that serve a niche market or industry (eg. healthcare, technology, government) and have fewer than 50 employees.

Small Agency of the Year[ Details ]

For agencies with fewer than 50 employees.

Mid-size Agency of the Year​[ Details ]

For agencies with 50 – 200 employees.

Large Agency of the Year[ Details ]

For agencies with over 200 employees and multiple offices.

Social Agency of the Year​[ Details ]

For agencies that are getting extraordinary results for their clients by integrating social media into their PR and communications campaigns.

Agency That Gets Results[ Details ]

For agencies that go beyond AVEs and use advanced measurement approaches or PR analytic tools to measure the impact of campaigns on organizational objectives (eg. revenue, new business) or to figure out what’s driving results and to fine tune strategies.

Most Innovative Agency[ Details ]

Are you using new amplification techniques, leveraging PR tools or mobile/social technology or simply approaching public or media relations in a creative way?

Business to Business (B2B) Agency of the Year[ Details ]

For agencies focused on B2B clients who are driving measurable results tied to business goals and objectives.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Agency of the Year[ Details ]

For agencies who build engaging, creative customer-focused campaigns and drive measurable results tied to business goals and objectives.

Individual or team categories

Candidates may be nominated by colleagues or may enter themselves. Judges will look for leadership, integrity and extraordinary achievement—displays of breakthrough thinking, initiative, advancement, results and qualities that reflect positively on the PR profession. These qualities and accomplishments may be from the past year or cumulative over a career.

Grand Prize – PR Star of 2017[ Details ]

Recognizes an individual who has achieved outstanding results for their clients or their organization. This individual can work in any genre (media relations, investor relations, internal communications) and must win in at least one individual category to be considered for this grand prize.

Public or Media Relations Professional of the Year[ Details ]

Nominate a colleague (or yourself) for exceptional contribution to the PR or media relations field. This award is your opportunity to highlight innovators and passionate professionals who excel in crafting a compelling story, working with influencers or the media and delivering measurable results for their organization.

Investor Relations Professional of the Year[ Details ]

For an investor relations professional who has demonstrated an exceptional abilities to craft and communicate clear messages to shareholders, the market and internal stakeholders.

Internal Communications Professional of the Year[ Details ]

For an individual who has built and implemented an exceptional internal communications strategy within an organization or government agency.

Corporate Communications Professional of the Year[ Details ]

For an individual in a corporate environment who has shown innovation in communicating your brand across multiple channels. You’ve demonstrated strong advocacy for your organization and brand and increased audience engagement that is trackable with solid metrics.

PR Rising Star (Under 40)[ Details ]

Nominate yourself or a colleague who is under 40 and has a track record of achieving outstanding results for clients and/or your organization. This individual should have risen within the ranks of the organization and should be broadly seen as a potential future leader within the organization.

Leader of the Year (PR agency)[ Details ]

This category is for someone at the executive level within a medium to large agency who displays strong leadership qualities, clearly communicates vision and inspires everyone who works for, and with them, to deliver exceptional service to clients and build the business.

PR Professional Who Makes a Difference[ Details ]

Nominate yourself or a colleague who is making the world a better place through their pro-bono efforts, volunteering or mentoring of the next generation of PR professionals.

Best PR or Communications Team[ Details ]

This category is for a team (3 or more people) who have worked together to achieve exceptional results for their clients, agency or organization.

PR Up and Comer (Free to enter)[ Details ]

Nominate a junior PR or communications employee (in an agency or PR department) who has worked in the industry less than 2 years and shows real promise. Recognize individuals who go above and beyond, have a can-do attitude and consistently deliver results. There is no entry fee for this category.