Judging Criteria

Stars of PR Judging Criteria

Use the judges’ scoring criteria to hone your answers and increase your chances of winning.

For PR/Communications Agency Categories

Agencies will be judged on four attributes and submissions backed by quantitative data and measurable results are preferred (Maximum points = 40):

Firm Positioning

Describe your unique value proposition and agency mission. Submissions will be judged on the distinctiveness of the firm’s positioning—how clear and unique is the agency offerings and value compared to others in the industry?  We’re looking for a firm that distinguishes itself clearly and originally. (Possible points: 10)

Client Growth & Retention

Provide a summary of agency revenue, client retention and growth numbers for the past fiscal year.  We are looking for agencies that are growing revenue from existing accounts, as well as expanding their client base.  We’re looking for impressive revenue and account growth trends, high client retention rates and for an agency that excels in building long-term, progressive relationships. Submissions must include annual agency revenue (client fees, excluding advertising markup) and number of clients. This data will be kept confidential. (Possible points: 10)

Work Environment

Describe your agency’s work culture and any innovative HR practices, employee development or benefit programs that you have. We’re looking for an agency with low employee turnover, that invests in the well-being and personal development of their employees. Explain how your culture and work environment leads to greater client success and satisfaction. (Possible points: 10)

Results Achieved

Describe your major achievements in the practice of public relations/corporate communications (including innovative campaigns). We’re looking for agencies that achieve extraordinary results for clients. Please include specific examples where you generated measurable and quantitative results for clients (preferably not AVEs) or helped them prove the value of PR’s efforts to the organization. (Possible points: 10)

For PR/Communications Professionals

Guidelines for Individual Entries

Candidates may be nominated by colleagues or may nominate themselves.  Judges will look for leadership, integrity, and extraordinary achievements.  These qualities and accomplishments can be from the past year or cumulative over a career.

Individuals will be judged on four attributes (Maximum points = 40):

Professional Leadership and Contribution

How has this person demonstrated leadership in the industry and in their organisation?  How has he or she set high standards for innovation, hard work and determination and inspired others to higher achievement?  We’re looking for thought leaders who share their knowledge and skills through speaking opportunities (webinars, conferences). List any professional accreditation, recognition, or relevant achievements. (Possible points: 10)

Breakthrough Communications Approaches

Describe innovative strategies, creative approaches or tactics that were flawlessly executed in the past year.  We’re looking for someone who experiments with new approaches, measures results, and constantly works to improve their craft. Include measurable results from campaigns and examples of communications where possible. (Possible points: 10)

Demonstration of Integrity

How has this person demonstrated integrity—a commitment to honesty, authenticity, and transparency—even under difficult situations?  We’re looking for people who by their works improve the reputation of the profession and promote integrity and honesty within their organisation (or with clients). Include examples of campaigns, crisis management or pro-bono work that demonstrate these qualities. (Possible points: 10)

Results Achieved

Describe the extraordinary achievements over the past year to the industry, their organisation (or clients) and to the PR practice in general. We’re looking for quantitative proof of the ROI or value that their PR activities delivered (not AVEs) or how they contributed to achievement of organisational objectives (including revenue, sales, awareness). (Possible points: 10)

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