Bulldog Awards Winner Profile

Wireside Communications

Wireside is an award-winning independent strategic communications, marketing and public relations agency focused on the consumer and B2B tech sectors.   

With offices in the U.S. and Germany, we are a team of seasoned communicators with a global perspective and a deep understanding of the networking, security, silicon, software and mobile industries.  We get the importance of moving to a new node or integrating a new modem and SoC into a device.  We know how that impacts a consumer’s life and the value technological innovation can bring to the market.  

From our work in Europe, Asia and the Americas, we are experts in unlocking deep tech stories and translating them into a business or consumer narrative. We understand the bits and bytes of tech, and love finding ways to connect that to the stories that define everyday life.

1901 E. Franklin Street #111
Richmond, Virginia
Tel. 1.804.612.5393


Awards won

CSR/Non-profit campaign

Best Green/ Environmental/ Sustainability Campaign 2022

Infineon VW ID.4 Campaign

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