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The Abbi Agency

The Abbi Agency is an integrated marketing communications firm that provides performance-driven solutions for travel destinations, technology firms, healthcare organizations, and government agencies.

Staffed by 31 experts in marketing, public relations, public affairs, social media, web design, creative development, content marketing, data analysis, event promotion, facilitation, and market research, our full-service agency’s strengths lie in its approach to developing persona-driven marketing initiatives deployed as stories across a number of outreach channels. Incorporated in 2008, the agency was founded in public relations expertise. This PR strategy is intrinsically applied to all service areas, providing its clients with a strong storytelling narrative.

1385 Haskell Street
Reno, Nevada
Tel. 775-323-2977


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Mid-size Agency of the Year 2022

PR Campaign

Best Use of Social Media 2021

PR Awards

Best Brand Launch 2020

Explore Murrieta

PR Awards

Best Use of Social Media 2020

Tahoe Treasures

PR Awards

Best Business to Consumer Campaign 2020

Go Goleta - Go in Style

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