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Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications

John Raffetto and David Herman founded Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications (RH Strategic) in 2008 with the belief that tying great work to business objectives drives results and transforms innovative companies into industry leaders. We opened the firm’s doors with six employees and six clients and a vision for the future. The firm grew by working with the next generation of innovators and leaders looking to challenge the status quo in their industries, investing in the future of staff, and shaping the future of communications. Today, our clients see us as strategic counselors and creative partners ready to exceed their evolving business objectives.

1111 3rd Ave Ste 1810
Seattle, WA
Tel. 206-264-2400


Awards won

PR Campaign

Best Public Affairs Campaign 2022


Media Relations

Best Response to Breaking News 2017

MorphoTrust USA Promotes TSA Pre-Check

Media Relations

Best Response to Breaking News 2016

Establishing MorphoTrust USA as the Thought Leader on Digital Identity & the Wallet-less Future

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