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Merritt Group

Merritt Group is an award-winning, woman-owned strategic communications firm founded in 1996 in Northern Virginia. We are a mid-sized agency with locations in McLean, Virginia, San Francisco, California, and North Texas. Merritt Group specializes in public relations, content creation, marketing, social media, demand and lead generation, analytics and measurement, and marketing infrastructure consulting.


The success of our client campaigns is grounded in our extensive domain knowledge in hot technology areas like cybersecurity, AI, IoT, cloud, and mobile, as well as verticals such as government, healthcare, supply chain, finance, and more. Our philosophy starts with intrinsically understanding our PR clients’ target audiences, which leads to the development of powerful messaging and creative marketing, PR, content programs that drives high impact awareness, engages audiences, and accelerates sales around their innovations.


Our client roster includes organizations ranging from large, global tech leaders to emerging, venture-backed innovators.

8251 Greensboro Drive, Suite 600
McLean, Virginia
Tel. 760-716-3654


Awards won

Agency Categories

Mid-size Agency of the Year 2022

PR Campaign

Best PR podcast 2021

Lay of the Brand Podcast

Media Relations

Best Response to Breaking News 2017

Positioning an Unknown Cybersecurity Vendor at the Forefront of a Major Presidential Campaign Crisis

Stars of PR

Technology Agency of the Year 2016

Merritt Group

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