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C-4 Analytics LLC

We are a full-scale advertising and digital-marketing agency. We take the guesswork out of advertising. We don’t over-promise – we over-deliver. We provide real value to our clients because we really value them as partners. We love Google, but would never neglect Bing. We innovate, educate and instigate. We are forward-thinking, but we learn from the past. We are results-driven and our strategies drive results. We are proud to set trends in digital marketing and with our patented dance moves. We were denied a patent for those dance moves. We love the practical applications of psychology to marketing, but aren’t above a good practical joke. We are team players but want to help you crush your competitors. We create an environment of respect and we respect the environment. We are the brains and the good looks. We are very humble. We are nerds, but the cool, likeable kind of nerds. We are never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. We are all work and all play. We calculated that only 15.8% of visitors who started this paragraph would actually read this far down. We understand that your business is our business. We let our results do the talking. We are C-4 Analytics.

999 Broadway
Saugus, MA
Tel. 617-250-8888


Awards won

Digital Social

Best Use of Search Engine Optimization in a Campaign 2015

How to Make the Best, Better: C4 Analytics, JM Lexus

Stars of PR

Digital Agency of the Year 2016

C-4 Analytics: How to Make the Best Better

Stars of PR

Social Agency of the Year 2017

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