Bulldog Awards Entry Guidelines

Who is eligible?

The Bulldog Awards celebrate excellence in public relations and communications. Anyone—such as PR, communications, marketing, social media, branding, product management, sales and investor relations professionals—who is involved in exceptional work in this field is welcome to enter.

When should the work have been performed?

Entries should be for work completed within the last year before the first submission deadline. For example if you are submitting an entry for the 2024 awards, most of the work cited should have taken place within 2023-2024. We do allow some of the work cited to have taken place the year before or during the current year, but we ask that most of the work cited to have taken place from 2023 onwards. If you would like an exception to this rule, send an email to awards@bulldogreporter.com. Awards for professionals or organizations are generally given for work completed within the last year, but we will also consider longer-term, even lifetime, achievements.

I work for a PR agency, can I submit work we did for a client?

PR agencies can submit work done for a client as long as they have written approval from the client to submit the campaign. You must provide proof in your submission that the client is aware of and has approved the entry.

Can I edit my entry after I have submitted it?

Even after you have submitted your entry and paid your fees, you can login and update your entry at any time, right up until the final deadline. So don’t miss out on Tier 1 savings… pay now, and finish your entry later. If you have any trouble, email us at awards@bulldogreporter.com.

Is the information I provide kept confidential?

Rest assured, the information you provide in your entry is kept confidential. We do not publish any entry information and all financial or sensitive information regarding clients, revenue or growth is deleted after judging has finished. If you have any questions about confidentiality, email us at awards@bulldogreporter.com.