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The Buddy Group

The Buddy Group is a storydriven consultancy.

Today, organizational growth hinges upon transforming corporate culture, market-based communities and channels of value into engines of shared adventure. Nailing a strategic narrative across the enterprise, among customers and influencers and within critical stakeholder sets enables that adventure. Importantly, when the torch of story is passed, these communities of priority own that story, retell it and evolve it. The resulting brand becomes relatable. Core audiences feel seen, understood and valued.

We collaborate through a proven, strategic process inspired by film, tv and theater and built for the evolving needs of a storydriven business. We blend the science of big data and machine learning, an intimate knowledge of communities and channels and the art of storytelling to ensure clients go to market with clarity, unity and the fuel to disrupt, lead and grow.

2940 Randolph Ave
Costa Mesa, California
Tel. 949-510-9058


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