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Solebury Trout

Solebury Trout is a corporate communications and investor relations firm that advises private and public companies across industries. A boutique agency that prioritizes high touch client service, but with the backing and resources of a large parent company in PNC Bank, Solebury Trout takes complex equity stories and translates them into compelling narratives that catch the attention of business/financial press and investors alike. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals helps clients define, introduce and cement their growth stories in ways that resonate with the media and Wall Street. We have a proven track record of leading communications strategies around IPOs, M&A deals, executive transitions and other milestones. Solebury Trout also has access to capital markets guidance through Solebury Capital, FINRA registered equity underwriting specialists who advise corporate, financial sponsor and venture capital clients. The goal of Solebury Trout’s corporate communications team is singular in nature but ambitious in scope: to effectively communicate to our clients’ key stakeholders.

1010 Washington Blvd
Stamford, Connecticut
Tel. 5164448997


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