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Maryam Ayromlou (Ruder Finn)

Maryam Ayromlou is an Executive Vice President at Ruder Finn. She works closely with the agency’s CEO, Kathy Bloomgarden, to lead the execution of media strategies for many of Ruder Finn’s most important clients including Sanofi, Kite, Moderna, TikTok, Intrivo, Tempus and more. Maryam’s reputation-building media work spans a breadth of Fortune 500 companies, focusing on healthcare and technology clients. She works on CEO thought leadership, executive positioning, corporate reputation, and issues and crisis management. Maryam also leads Ruder Finn’s US media training offering, a practice she formalized for the agency. Maryam is an Emmy-winning, former senior producer with over fifteen years of journalism experience at leading networks such as CBS News, MSNBC, CNN and Fox News Channel. Maryam graduated from Cornell University and has an MBA from New York University. She’s on the Madeira School Alumnae Council and serves as a judge for the NY Press Club.

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