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Canadian Tire Corporation

Canadian Tire (CT) is one of Canada’s oldest and largest retailers, operating in the automotive, hardware, sports, leisure, and houseware sectors. For almost a century, CT has proudly offered products and services to help Canadians with the jobs and joys of life in Canada. Our 500+ retail locations, financial services, exemplary e-commerce capabilities and one of Canada’s largest loyalty programs, Triangle Rewards, help keep Canadians on the move and on top of every season. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced this purpose, as the retailer was heavily relied on to provide essential products and services to keep Canadians safe and healthy while they navigated the pandemic. In early 2020 CT launched a $5M COVID-19 Response Fund to be there for Canadians during the pandemic. This sentiment of being there for Canadians lived well into 2020 and became the main driver for creating an activation during the Christmas season.

2180 Yonge St reet 8th Floor
Toronto , Ontario
M4P 2V8


Awards won

Industry campaign

Best Business to Consumer Campaign 2022

Canadian Tire Christmas Trail

PR Campaign

Best Special Event or Publicity Stunt 2022

Canadian Tire Christmas Trail

PR Campaign

Best Special Event or Publicity Stunt 2020

Canadian Tire Christmas Trail

PR Awards

Best Special Event or Publicity Stunt 2019

Red Door to PyeongChang

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