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Agency Guacamole

At AG, we manage social media and PR campaigns for top beauty brands, handle influencer seeding in new and innovative ways, and produce award-winning events. But what really gets us excited is helping our clients bring their vision to life—digitally and IRL (in real life).

Telling our clients’ stories can mean offering social media management, producing an influencer-driven event, leading traditional media strategy/pitching or even placing clients in front of relevant organizations and conferences.

Just as a delicious guacamole recipe brings together various ingredients to produce a wonderful final product, so does Agency Guacamole’s approach to digital, social media and PR: connecting the dots, sharing meaningful stories and inspiring all stakeholders to deliver impactful, impressive and (in some cases) delicious results. Agency Guacamole is based in Los Angeles with Bilal Kaiser as the founder, following his successes in social media and PR for companies such as Sony Pictures to L’Oreal.

3402 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, California
Tel. 310-878-2560


Awards won

PR Awards

Best Diversity/Inclusion Campaign 2020

"BLND-Beauty, Lifestyle and Nurturing Diversity"

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